What do i need to prepare?

An adult (person aged 18+) must be present to accept delivery of the hot tub at the arranged times.

Have a clear walk way of at least a standard doorway to the area.

A clear and clean area free from any furniture,level area 3x3m 

Access to water either an outside tap or internal. If using internal please ensure you have the correct fittings for you tap, we have a number of connectors but we require a picture of your tap to ensure we can use one.

Please have your hose clean and ready for set up, or please request to borrow one of ours before the day of delivery. I

Access to constant electric.

How long does set up/collection take

Set up times can vary on a number of factors, Please take the following into account.

Packages 1 hr-1.30hrs

Gazebo and Hot tub 1 hr

Hot tub only 30 mins

Parking- Please ensure they is space near the property to allow us to unload/load as quick as possible. 

Access- Please ensure we have a clear route through to the garden.

Area- The area is clear and ready for set up.


Collection - if the hot tub has already been drained as instructed, we can begin our collection immediately, a full hot tub can take up to an hour to drain.

-Cleanliness - if the hot tub or any equipment has been badly soiled, we may request to clean the equipment before taking it away as this prevents damages from dirt.

How do i pay?

We accept cash payments at the time of set up. You can pay by Bank Transfer, credit or Debit Card or Paypal PRIOR delivery.

Please note - we do not leave our equipment without payment, we do not take payments on collection.

How long will it take to be ready?

Generally the hot tubs can take up to 24hrs to heat, if filled with hot water. This will vary depending on the time of year.

We always deliver your hot tub at least the day before and will aim to heat from hot if possible to avoid the wait times. We can fill direct from a hot tap with the right attachments and normal garden hose, this is advised in colder weather.

This is subject to our attachments fitting your taps.

Fill time is entirely dependent on your water pressure and varies from town to town (roughly 1-3 hours)

How many people can use the hot tub?

Most of our  hot tubs are for 4-6 adults by the recommendation of the manufacturer.

We have a few 8 seater hot tubs.

What happens if its windy and i have a gazebo?

We will make every effort to check the weather forecast prior to your set up. In cases of strong wind forecasts we may not be able to set up the gazebo.

If the wind increases during your hire, you will be asked to remove the covers from the gazebo to prevent damages.

All our gazebos will either pegged down, or weighted down depending on what ground they are placed on.

Any damages caused to the equipment by failing to follow our instructions must be paid for.

Can children use the hot tub?

Children may use the hot tub under strict supervision from an adult.
Children under 14 years of age must have the hot tub temperature set to 37*c or below.
Children must take a break at least once every 20 minutes.
It's important all users, especially children stay hydrated.
Tubs of Fun accept no liabilty for any injury, illness or death of any users of the hot tubs.